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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  June 29, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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an has more. note -- >> this was a not so thinly veiled attack on congress the president making it clear that he believes the deadline is not a joke, that there will be real consequences, and he says that congress should follow the example set by his daughters. >> my expectation is that leaders are going to lead. >> it was almost one hour of congress bashing in harsh warnings about raising the nation's debt ceiling before default. he said congress could learn something from his daughter is. >> sasha and molliere generally finished their homework a day ahead of time. -- sasha and malia it. if you have to do something you just do it. >> he even went after their work ethic. >> they are in one week and out
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one week, and then they say obama needs to step in. you need to be here. i have been here. >> john boehner was offering to put the brakes on this spending binge. the president has been a wall from that debate. the speaker also called the deadline announced by secretary geithner artificial. >> but august 2 we run out of tools to make sure that all of our bills are paid. >> either way times are tough. medicare and medicaid and tax breaks for the wealthy a favored for mr. obama, who took dead aim at millionaires, billionaires, and big oil. >> you are just going to have to pay a little more. but see also talk that u.s. forces against libya saying it does not violate the war powers act. he says we are in a position to draw down in afghanistan, and he
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talked about legalizing gay marriage although he stopped short. back to you. >> scott, thanks. you can read more about what the president said and the response on our website, at metro station, a force by police at stations across prince george's county. metro and police are teaming up to keep people safe. this is in a response to crime at metro station and parking lot in that county and the branch avenue station is where gail pennybacker is. -- is where gale is. >> basically thousands of them are going out. they are safety tips for what they should look out for. >> metro transit police are getting some extra help today from prince george's county police.
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they joined forces to get the word out about recent crimes at metro station is. last month it during a carjacking at a parking garage, a 21-year-old woman was shot. her 54-year-old father was beaten. another situation had already left people anxious. extra police patrols are flooding the 15 metro station in the county. during the rush hour tonight. >> i think it is wonderful that they really add more police. it definitely is needed. >> they are handing out fliers and note suggesting that they protect themselves against crime and potential terrorist activity in the metro system. >> spot checks. you never know at a metro station.
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[no audio] >> standby. >> ok, some trouble with her audio. if a man is convicted he will face life in prison. he is charged with the murder of two women and he faces those charges in november. he is suspected of killing at least three other women. 11 consecutive life sentences behind bars to setting -- for setting fire to an apartment complex. the judge handed down the verdict. demand was found guilty of 24 attempts of murder. this was added germantown apartment last year. it is believed he was targeting a police officer who had targeted him. nobody inside that building was seriously injured. a new twist in the situation
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at arlington national cemetery. the fbi is joining in looking at mismanagement at the cemetery. contracts and record keeping fraud is a key focus. no details on exactly who is being investigated, but we are told that it is with past, not current, administration. online gambling. a city council had its first public hearing on a controversial plan. some argue the law should be repealed. others say that more is needed before online gambling goes into effect. many activists contend the city made the decision with little proper input or knowledge. >> i can participate or not participate in the dialogue. do not do this in the sneaky ways of the district government in the cloak of night. i just do not like it. >> the d.c. lottery plans to
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launch online gambling coming up. slot machines will be among the first games offered. it is expected to generate $13 million over the first three years for the city's general fund. still to come on abc7 news at 6:00, putting the squeeze on government spending in the streets of athens. plus, wal-mart helps customers get good deals on gas. some of them marched with dr. king or new dr. kaine. coming up, a living memorial comes alive. hi there. doug hill a belfort furniture weather center. -- doug hill [ female announcer
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you are watching abc7 news at 6:00, on your side. moving ahead despite attacks in the region. >> suicide bombers and one of the premier hotels in kabul but came under siege. the taliban is taking responsibility for the five-hour standoff. hamid karzai said police are
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ready to take control as planned from foreign forces. and new at 6:00 lawmakers in greece approved a new round of austerity measures, and that triggered riots. protesters were outside of parliament. the unpopular five-year package of spending cuts and tax hikes passed unanimously because if it did not happen, greece would have been facing default by mid july. bankamerica is paying out $8.50 billion to settle claims lenders sold fraudulent pact securities that went sour when the housing market collapsed. bank of america says it looks at $20 billion in charges resulting in loss. wal-mart is moving a process along. the world's largest retailer is cutting gasoline prices by one dime. if that is one dime per gallon
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for the next three months. it will be seen in several states including virginia, and to get the price they would have to use a wal-mart gift card or wal-mart credit card. see how the memorial is progressing. and a beautiful summer day. the mugginess is heading back. >> muggy. how about the nationals? i will tell you about davey johnson still looking for his first win. i have the very latest.
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we continue now with work on the national mlk memorial. >> a group of ministers had a sneak peek of the progress at the memorial. here is a look at how it is going along. >> dr. martin luther king was
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more than a civil rights hero for many. >> we marched together. >> he encouraged a reverend from a baltimore baptist church to become a preacher. 50 years after dr. king led a mission for equality for all he and 20 other ministers from the dc-baltimore area were invited to the final phase of the national memorial. >> several times. >> 14 inscription's from king surround the memorial. >> montgomery. >> a mountain of despair. the civil-rights struggle. to describe to you what it is like to walk out and see the stone of hope. >> it is phenomenal. >> our cameras are not allowed
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to show you the actual statute until the unveiling. >> it is surrounded by his historic philosophy. it is more than the man. it is what makes the man who he is. >> a memorial brought to life. >> god blesses everyone. >> a test of time. jennifer donelan abc7 news. we are in the midst of summer but at lake tahoe what a different story. check out the snowy scene. the snowfall is changing fourth of july plans for a lot of vacationers. instead of summer issues they are strapping on skis at lake tahoe. not your typical to life for
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activity. >> not so much. -- not your typical fourth of july activity. we are not going to go the snow routes. we are going to go the other way. heat and humidity. let's take a look at the naval academy whether camera in high- definition looking out across the bay. some clouds on the eastern shore. delightful temperatures. 86 in herndon now. the dewpoint 53, and that makes it very comfortable. right around 30% humidity. 84 in germantown now as well. 89 today a couple of degrees above average, but you will not notice it because of the dryness of the air. morning lows 74. 86 degrees in baltimore. annapolis at 87. if 87 in the played.
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88 in gaithersburg. -- 87 in la plata. this is pushing in our direction. we will start at the same tomorrow about 91 friday and then the holiday weekend temperatures up. it will be uncomfortably hot and humid for saturday, sunday, monday. this is giving us the beautiful evening right now. some cleaner a cooler night today. sunshine in blue skies. it will start to move off. this will make a move to the southeast, and as it does on friday, the wind direction will get more southerly and that will push us to 90. we have hot and humid air for the holiday weekend. in the gulf of mexico, it could become a marginal hurricane before it makes landfall. probable chances are it will
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not. hot and humid over the holiday weekend. there maybe an isolated thunderstorm on saturday. a 30% chance on sunday monday, tuesday, and wednesday. that is a 70% chance we will not have any thunderstorms. keep up-to-date with all of the weather. go to and click on the weather tab. some areas around the country having thunderstorms with interactive radar. the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers moving you forward. two losses in a row. a 500 record 40-40. are you kidding me? i guarantee you every single person in that organization
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would have said yes. despite some losses for the angels, that is where they are. they come home tonight. this is a very important stretch. if they want to make a second- half run, they have got to win. and they have to make use of that homestand. davey johnson. the nationals gave up some runs. zimmerman is on the hill, and he is 3-0 in his last five starts. speaking of stephen strasbourg he continues his recovery from the same elbow tendon reconstruction down in florida. he is on schedule and looking very very good. he knows though that patience is the key. >> you can feel great. you do not know what is going on
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inside there. i am following it to a tee. i am not going to do anything stupid. roger federer was upset. five sets. what makes this so incredible is that roger federer led two sets to 0. the other kept chipping away. he never gave up. the six-time champion is heading home for the second straight year. meanwhile, rafael nadal. he has now won 19 straight matches with the all england club. 6-4 in the forthcoming in he advances to become the favored in the semifinal match against a scotsman murray. the nfl " lockout started in march, and you know that. they met for a second straight
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day and will meet again tomorrow. i want you to listen to the former head coach. >> i know what happened. you're smiling, thinking she is in love with you. she is not in love with you. let me tell you something. if she is not smiling back, time to go. do not press send so you can get ready to think about what you're getting ready to send, began here is the problem. when you press it, you cannot take it back. it is out there. we got it. >> he has got it. mom always said nothing good happens after midnight. if you're tired of following the nfl lot of, i have got something for you. the nba walked up continues.
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this ends tomorrow night. so now the nfl in the nba. all of these deadlines. what to do.
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so the best we can hope for is a repeat of today. >> friday, 90 degrees. the weekend will be hot in humans. isolated thunderstorms possible, the better chance monday evening. -- it will be hot and humid. >> this studio. >> i will set my alarm for this.
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